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All of the pics below are from my trip to Germany and France over the 1998/1999 Christmas break.  It was awesome!  Click on any one of the pics below to see them in all there glory!!!


Before....  During....   After!!!

Rick had an idea...  drink a beer upside-down on the couch...  how fun!

(from left:  Rick, Bob, Ray)


Hall o' Mirrors!  Eiffel Tower   Notre Dame  Arc de Triumphe

                    Palace of Versilles: Hall of Mirrors,  Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triumphe


Ray, Bob, and Rick + one HELL of a keg!!  Heidelberg, Germany 

The biggest keg in the world is in Heidelberg, Germany...  its too dark to see it though.  :-(

(more Heidelberg pics coming soon!!)


Street view of Trier  Really damn old ampitheatre  A cool reflection pic!

This is Trier, Germany.  Its really really old!

(more Trier pics coming soon!!)


Rick KNOWS where to put it...

This is the only picture from our New Years party that I have...  :-(

(more New Years pics coming soon!!)


Bob keeping busy...  Everyone else in the room...

This is the room we stayed in...   'Da Partay Room!'


Yeah, HE knows where to put it....

And last but certainly not least...   Bob and all of his cuteness... 


(c)  1999  Raymond J. Whaley